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The ULTRACLEAN system provides a wide range of solutions for the generation of REUSE WATER by using modular ULTRAFILTRATION systems.

  • Ultrabox

    Horizontal Autonomous Module Reuse water volume: 20 to 200 m³/day Footprint: 15 to 30 m² Application: When there are space limitations in large-sized vessels, shopping malls, buildings, condos and e industries.

  • Ultratank

    Horizontal cylindrical autonomous module Reuse water volume: 20 to 100 m³/day Footprint: 20 to 40 m² Application: For low and medium volumes in buildings, condos, shopping malls, large-sized vessels, worksites, public restrooms, portable toilets, small, medium and large industries, hotels and motels.

  • Ultrapack

    Compact autonomous module Reuse water volume: up to 40 m³/day Footprint: up to 15 m² - Application: For low volumes and reduced areas, garages of building, small- and medium-sized vessels and offshore oil rigs. For specific low volume industrial wastewater and for the recovery of dissolved raw materials.

  • Ultravertical

    Vertical autonomous module Reuse water volume: 20 to 800 m³/day Footprint: 5 to 30 m² Application: Industries, large condos, resorts, shopping malls, hotels, exhibition and convention centers. For high flowrate in restricted spaces.

  • Auxiliary units

    Compact, horizontal and vertical autonomous modules. Reuse water volume: up to 800 m³/day. Footprint: up to 30 m². Application: To increase the wastewater treatment capacity of existing plants up to three times, with the production of reuse water.

  • Fixed Ultraskid and Floating Ultraskid

    The FIXED ULTRASKID units are fixed, mobile or floating module assemblies for the recovery or expansion of treatment stations, with direct supply of reuse water. Application: Direct to aeration tanks or lagoons. It does not require decanters or clarifiers and does not need civil, mechanical or hydraulic works. They can be readily applied to any kind of aerobic or anaerobic WTP. They are supplied with all its accessories ready for operation and customized for each situation.