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System for the extraction, capturing, transportation and flaring of biogas arising from sanitary landfills.

Biogas (methane + carbonic gas, among others), on the LANDBOX, is applicable for the generation of electric and/or thermal energy, or for the direct destruction of methane on enclosed towers according to international standards. Therefore, it is possible to obtain carbon credit benefits since destroyed methane means voluntary greenhouse effect reduction.


- Short-term supply and implantation;

- Units supplied ready for installation and operation;

- It provides modularity, the System can be expanded as the sanitary landfill grows;

- It does not require major civil Works, only mounting shoes for the System Units;

- The System can be quickly removed from one site to another on the landfill, depending on the case, or be partially or totally removed to another place;

- Low electric energy consumption, because the generation of energy can be used locally to power the System equipment;

- Enclosed units minimize the generation of noises.

- Automatic system, which does not require the permanent presence of operators;

- Permanent and automatic monitoring of biogas quality, as an operational parameter of the System, with on-line reporting;

- Low preventive maintenance cost, spare parts readily available on the domestic market;

- Benefits from the acquisition of carbon credits;