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To recover water from industrial wastewater to reuse.

The REAQUA - Water Treatment System has been specially developed for the transformation of treated wastewater into reuse water for industrial, urban or agricultural purposes. Therefore, the parameters of the received wastewater are corrected regarding residual, biological, physical or chemical contamination for the full service of the area it is intended to. They are developed according to the customer's needs, as well as the available area.


- Recovery of water for reuse after the processing of wastewater;

- Fishes are used as efficiency bioindicator;

- Lower chemicals consumption;

- Fully customized system;

- Lower sludge generation, which are more concentrated and therefore have reduced volume;

- Sludge readily applicable as organic compost;

- Recovery of filter washing water as raw water for area cleaning and garden irrigation;

- Reduced filter cleaning demand and therefore, more uptime;

- Reduced footprint due to its compact modules, which are supplied ready to be installed and operated;

- Supplied ready for installation and operation;

- It enables modular expansion;

- Supplied with Disinfection Unit;

- It does not require major civil works;

- Automation for local or optionally remote control;